Seasonal Flu Vaccination

Flu Vaccinations available at our pharmacy.

We offer free NHS flu vaccinations to those eligible or private vaccines for a small charge.

Flu vaccines, when it’s convenient for you

We offer a flexible and convenient vaccination service. You can make an appointment by calling the pharmacy. If you don’t have an appointment but you want to take advantage of this service, pop in or give us a call, often we can still provide you with a vaccination.

Are you eligible for a free NHS flu vaccination?

Many patients are eligible for a free flu vaccination on the NHS. If you are over the age of 65 or have certain medical conditions you could receive a free vaccine.

You may be eligible for a free vaccine if:

  • You’re over 65
  • You have chronic heart disease
  • You’re pregnant
  • You have a chronic liver condition
  • You’re diabetic
  • You have asthma or lung disease
  • You’ve had a stroke
  • You have a chronic kidney condition
  • You have an illness or are taking medicines that lower your natural defences

If you have any questions relating to flu vaccines please contact us.

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